Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Holidays

Well, the holidays has come and gone. We went up to Virginia to Brenda's for Christmas. We left last Wednesday and came back yesterday. We had  a good trip up but the trip back there was a lot of traffic. Before we went  we went golfing a couple of times again. We went again this afternoon. I have improved a little bit but not much. Jerry does pretty good. Virginia had a couple inches of snow. We can down to Florida to get away from the snow then we go up there. It was cold. Its been fairly cold down here in Florida the last couple of weeks. Today I don’t think it got up to 60 degrees, but the sun was warm. Tomorrow we will try to go for a ride to see some of Florida's countryside. I will try to get more blogs out sooner.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mount Dora

  IMG_0075Well, I’m sorry it took so long to post again.  Last Sunday the 13th we went to Mt Dora. It is about 25 miles north west of Orlando. It has boutiques, gift shops and antiques galleries that line the streets of downtown Mount Dora. We went  window shopping then went for a walk on the IMG_0096shoreline boardwalk along Mount Dora. Then we spent the rest of day riding around the area. Tuesday we went golfing again at Baseline IMG_0074Golf Club. It’s a very pretty golf course. We both did pretty good this time. I even made par on one hole. Jerry has been playing off and on for years but I just started this year. We didn’t do to much the rest of the week except the everyday things around the condo. We try to go on walks everyday. Thursday we went back to Hardrock Casino in Tampa again. Jerry did good but I didn’t do so good. Friday it was rainy most of day. Well, today doesn’t look much better. Don’t know what we will be today.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Rainy weather

     Every other day it has been rainy. We went golfing Tuesday and wanted to go Thursday but it rained in the morning so we did a few things around home. Friday we went down to Tampa to the casino. We did pretty good. I came away with more than I came with. We like the table games like Three Card Poker and Let it Ride. We went to the buffet before we left. It is a very good buffet. Today we didn’t do to much. We went down to see some of Jerry’s brother and sisters that live near here. Flo

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


We finally got to Florida on the first. We left Brenda's' on Monday morning after Thanksgiving. We drove to Stark, FL and stayed overnight in motel. We left Stark in morning and made it to Ocala around 11:00. Since then we have been getting settled in. We visited Jerry's brothers and sisters in Beleview that are there now.

The weather has been warm one day and the next would be rainy. Over the weekend it rained off and on. Yesterday, Tuesday, was a very nice day so we went golfing for the first time down here. My score would have been good if I was playing 18 holes but we played only 9. We are going to go again in a day or so.