Sunday, August 29, 2010


Well, Friday I came home. Terry’s sister Kathy and husband Paul are up from Florida, so we all went to Lombardo’s for dinner. Jerry, Jackie and I had the fish fry. Paul, Kathy and Terry all had some pizza. We won’t see Paul and Kathy again until we go back to Florida.

Saturday we just took it easy working around house. Jerry has been staining the barn and I did some mowing. After Jerry got done on barn he helped me finish up the mowing. He gets the old mower.

Today we went to Saratoga races with Terry and Jackie. Jerry had a big winner in the first race but didn’t have anything after that. I didn’t have anything all day. Terry and Jackie didn’t do much better. Rachel Alexandra was supposed to be the big winner in the 10th race, but she came in second. We leave after about the 8th race. We don’t usually bet on a horse that is hyped up that much so we didn’t miss much. Her odds were very low. Everyone said that she was a sure winner. Well, there is only one more week of racing so next Sunday will be the last for us until next year.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

State Fair

Thursday we went to the state fair at Syracuse. We got there about 10:30. I think we went into all the buildings and saw all the exhibits. Since it was opening day there were quite a few people at most of the booths. They were still judging a lot of the entrants.



Some of the Indian Dancers in the Indian Village.


Some of the young entrants modeled their own creations.


Lois in front of some living statues.


The little boy had his picture taken with them and the girl statue knelt down and the boy jumped. When he left he waved to her and she waved back. It was very cute.


Model train building.


Sand sculpture that they are working on. By the end of fair it will be completed. They are working on a boat.



Lois lives in senior housing, so Wednesday they had a picnic at the Whetstone Gulf State Park. Lois's birthday is today the 25 of August. So we had that to celebrate also.

We went to the park by a school bus with driver that donated their time.


Lois and I waiting for bus in front of her apartment.


The pavilion were they had the picnic.


Some people playing a ladder game (I don’t know the real name) and polish horseshoes. It was cloudy and cool most of the day. After we got home Lois wanted to go shopping so we went to Watertown to Best Bye. Then we had dinner at Bob Evans.

Lois’s camper

Tuesday morning we left to go up to Alexandria Bay to see some of the boats and watch the people that come and go. We have been there many times before to the Thousand Island area.




We sat and watched the boats on small Island that you can walk to by way of foot bridge.


Looking over at Bolt Castle.


On one end is a small beach.

Tuesday afternoon we spent at her camper. We had planed to spend the week there but it was to cold so we stayed at her apartment. We had a nice fire going at the camper.


Lois trying to start fire.


Her camper.


They have quite a few campers there permanently.



Some of the other campers.


The lodge where they hold dances and dinners.


The camp store, showers and laundry.




Back to Lois’s camper.


Going to Lois’

Well, Monday I drove up to Lowville to stay with my sister for a couple of days. Jerry stayed home because he said that he had to much work to do.

On the way I took some pictures of some windmills that are being put up.


These are some of the pieces that are the windmill that are going up.



Here is one going up.

We didn’t do to much Monday night. After we went out to dinner we stayed home and visited.

Tuesday we went down to her camper and spent the afternoon. I’ll post some pictures in separate entry.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Family & Friends

Friday night we went out to dinner with Terry & Jackie at Lombardo. They split a pizza. Jackie’s half was a regular pizza with mushrooms and Terry’s had hot peppers and broccoli with white sauce. They said it was very good. Jerry and I had the fish fry. Also very good. I like to have fish on Fridays.

Saturday, we had a little get together with friends and family. Arlene told us that Sally called her and Gary and said that Barry and her were coming up and wanted to visit us. So we got together. Jerry’s brothers Bruce and Bob also came. I had hot dogs and hamburgers with a couple of pasta salads and beans ready for them. Arlene made a nice jelly roll. So we spent the day visiting on the deck. It was supposed to be in the 80s but it turned out to be cloudy and about 75. In the afternoon Jerry started up the fireplace on the deck and we all enjoyed the visit. Barry and Sally live about 2 hours south of us. They have a mobile in the same park as the one we are in, in Florida.

Today we were going to go to the Saratoga Races as we usually do but it was raining so  we decided not to go. Well, it rained hard most of the day. Today was umbrella day at the track. That was the give-a-way for today. You would have had to use it all day. We didn’t think it was worth getting wet to get another umbrella.

I hope the rain stops by tomorrow morning because I plan on going up to Lois’ and spend a few days with her. If it is nice we will be at her camper but if it is cold and rainy we will be at her apartment.

Delaware County Fair.

Well, we went to another fair. Thursday, the 19th we went to the Delaware County Fair at Walton, NY. It is in the southern part of state. We went with Arlene and Gary. From their home it was about an hour and a half drive. It was a pretty drive through some scenic country. All rolling hills with nice green trees and farm lands.

Here are some pictures I took of the fair.


I got the back side of Arlene and Gary on that one. They are the ones with white shirts.



There was a lot of cattle and other animals.


Butter sculpture of girl shirring her sheep.


This is the closest we came to the midway. The rides. They were on the other side of track around the grandstand.


All kinds of farm machinery.


Jerry, Arlene and Gary looking at a tractor.




Saturday, August 21, 2010

Coming Through Virginia

Last week when I was coming home from Virginia I was driving on Route 729. It was a short cut while on Rt 522. It cut out a few miles. I saw these blue triangle boxes hanging from the trees along the way. They were spaced randomly along the road.




It looked like a big fly catcher. I think they were doing it to get a survey of the bugs in that area. If anybody know differently let me know. it was one of those “what is it “ moment.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The weekend

After we got up Friday morning all we did was go to town to get a few groceries. We went out to Hungry Bear for our Friday Night fish fry.

Saturday, Jerry went with Jeff to help a friend put up some rafters on a barn that he is building. I mowed some lawn.

Sunday, we went to the Saratoga Races with Terry and Jackie. We had breakfast at the Horseshoe Grill as usual. We had a pleasant day. It was a lot cooler than it has been lately. It was overcast all day. It finally rained after we left.

Here are a few pictures I took.






Home Again

Well, we are home again. We made the trip to Florida alright.

We left Monday around 6:00. We had breakfast in Milford at Jackie’s place. We try to get there for breakfast if we are going that way. We went down 88 to Binghamton and got on 81. At Winchester, VA we got on 17 south to Fredericksburg. We then went south on 95 and drove 812 miles. We made it to just over the border in South Carolina. We stayed overnight in Dillon, SC. We had breakfast at Cracker Barrel and got to the mobile about 2:30. We unloaded the truck and checked the place over. Everything seemed to be OK. In front of the mobile there is a bush I though was some kind of pineapple bush. Now I don’t know what it is. Here is a picture of it with odd looking fruit on it.


The bunch on the plant is green and there were small orange ones on the ground.

Here’s a picture of mobile.




That’s Jerry talking to his brother in law Bill and a neighbor.

We left there about 4:30 and drove to Starke, Fl and had dinner in a little diner called Granny's we stopped to before and had dinner. We then drove to Richmond Hill, Ga to stay the night. We got to Brenda’s on Thursday about 3:00. Jerry did a few things for Brenda that she needed to get done. We all went out to Olive Garden for dinner.

The next morning we left about 6:00 and had breakfast in Culpepper in a diner that we always stop at on way home. Coming home we go through the back country by taking route 522 up through Virginia to Winchester. In Winchester we pick up 81 again and go the rest of the way home as we came down.

In West Va we stopped at the Charlestown Race Track. We wanted to check it out to see if they had table games yet. They had the table games but the table limits were to high for us. We don’t mind playing if they are $5 or $10 but they started at $15 and up.  If I’m winning I will raise my bet but I don’t like to start playing that high. You can go through a lot of money that way. So we didn’t stay to long.

When we got back on the road we decided to stop at Mohegan Sun at the Pocono Downs. We stayed there a couple of hours. Jerry played Three Card Poker. I wanted to play but the Let It Ride game was full so I played a few slots. I did pretty good.

By the time we left the casino it was about 9:00 and we couldn’t find a hotel room so we drove all the way home. We got home about 1:00 in the morning on Friday.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Home for Now

Well, I got home from Virginia yesterday (Sat) about 5:30. I left Brenda’s at 6:00 Am. It was a long drive. When I got home Jerry had the lawn all mowed so I don’t have to worry about that this week.

Sunday, we went to the Saratoga races with Terry and Jackie. We go out for breakfast at the Horseshoe Grill and then on to the track. Russ and Lynn came to the races about 11:00. We all had a nice day. Jerry didn’t do to good at Saratoga so he made a few bets at Monmouth Race Track and had a few winners. I had winners today so I did better also.

When we got home we packed up the truck for our trip to Florida tomorrow.  We plan on driving as far as we can tomorrow and then getting to Florida on Tuesday. We are stopping at Brenda’s on the way home.

I will have to wait till we get home to post again. Later.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dulce’s 5th Birthday Party

It’s been hot since I got here Sunday. Monday, Dulce had school in the morning. In the afternoon we went to the pool. Dulce is getting pretty good in the pool. She has no fear of getting wet or going under the water.


IMG_1283Tuesday, was her 5th birthday. We went swimming again in afternoon. Brenda had a party at MacDonald's about 6:00. She had about 5 of Dulce’s  friends there





This morning while Dulce was at school I went and had a new tire put on the drivers side front. I had noticed that it was losing air. Jerry had put air in it a couple of times at home. He said that I had better get a new tire instead of taking a chance getting home on the old tire.

This afternoon it was so hot and humid that we didn’t go anyplace. Just stayed inside where the AC was. Dulce and I went outside for a little while late this afternoon. She drove her jeep around the yard for a bit



It’s about 10:00 at night now and we are having a thunder shower. I hope it cools things down.