Monday, July 26, 2010

Saratoga Race Track

Well, yesterday, we went to the track. We go over with Terry and Jackie. They pick us up about 7:30. We have breakfast at the Horse shoe Grill. They have a nice breakfast. All the young crowd go there after the races to party. They usually have a band under a tent in their yard every night of the races in August. The races used to be only in August but they keep extending the meet so now it is open from July 23rd to Labor Day.

We have a reserved table in the festival tent. We reserve it for every Sunday of the meet also this Friday. The guys go over on Friday because it it a later meet. The only one that starts at about 3:00 the rest start about 1:00.

Here are some pictures that I took while we was there.

Imported Photos 00035

This is taken in the picnic area. People come early to grab a picnic table to use for the day. All they do is put something on the table so other people know that it is taken. By race time there are a lot of people in this area.

Imported Photos 00037

This is the tent where we stay. It will be filled up by race time. We get there early to take our things in and by 10:00 everybody  has to go out and stand in line to pay at 10:30 when the gates will open.

Imported Photos 00039

This is the Big Red Springs that Saratoga is noted for. It has sulfur water in it. A lot of people believe that when they drink it will will heal them.

Imported Photos 00041

This picture is of the back side of the grand stand.

Imported Photos 00045

This is the grand stand from the fourth turn.

Imported Photos 00049

These ladies were in contest for the best hats. It was hat day at the track. They have contest every year.

Imported Photos 00050

Taking horses out to the mounting ring.

Imported Photos 00051

Imported Photos 00052

Imported Photos 00053

This horse number 10 is the one I bet on and won. Saratoga is a very pretty place. I won’t be going next Sunday because I am going down to Brenda's to babysit Dulce for the week. Her babysitter is going on vacation. Jerry will go with Terry and Jackie. The next time I go I will take more pictures of the track.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saratoga County Fair

Wednesday, we went to the Saratoga County Fair with Jerry’s sister Arlene and her husband Gary. It’s been hot all week and it was hot a the fair. In the morning Jerry and I put a coat of stain on the deck. We still has to do a second coat.

We had a nice time at the fair. It was a lot bigger than the fair we went to at Madison County. They had a little of everything. we were there the whole afternoon. When we were watching the Racing Pigs it started to rain. We watched two sets of races of regular pigs. They raced around pretty quickly. The last set was the pot bellied pigs. They were fun to watch. One pig did make it around the track but the other three didn't move to fast. The rain stopped after the races was over. Luckily, it was a light rain.

I opened up my garage sale again today. I did a little business. I plan to leave the stuff in garage to have another sale in a couple of weeks. I have a lot going on the next few weeks.

Tomorrow we are going to the Saratoga Races. That’s thoroughbred horse racing. We go every Sunday in August with our friends Terry and Jackie. We rent a table in the festival tent. That way if it rains we don’t get wet. It is about the cheapest place to be at the races where you have your own table. We take a cooler with drinks and some snacks to enjoy. Saratoga is a family friendly place to go. Hope we come home winners.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Well, this Saturday was Jerry’s family reunion. Brenda & Dulce came home on Thursday. They got in late Thursday night. Friday, Brenda, Dulce and I went grocery shopping in afternoon. In the evening we went to Saltsman’s Hotel for dinner.

Brenda, Tracy and Pam all worked there when they were teenagers. Pam and Tracy did mostly busing and dishwashing. Brenda worked there the longest. She did mostly waitressing. The place is only open during the summer. Years ago it was open as a hotel with rooms upstairs. It does quite a good business during Saratoga Racing season. They have a guest ledger with Franklin Roosevelt's signature in it because he was supposed to have stayed there.


Jerry, getting us some drinks before dinner.


Jerry and Dulce


Dulce and Flo


Brenda and Dulce

Tracy came home after she worked all day. She got in about 7:00. After she got home we all sat out on deck with the fire going in our fireplace.



Saturday was the Family reunion at Jerry’s nephew Billy home. It was also Billy and Joan 25th anniversary.


Billy & Joan


Jerry with his youngest brother Gary. Brenda in background.


Arlene (sister), Bruce (brother), Laura (Sid’s wife), Flo (Jerry’s wife) and Bvy (sister) in front row. In back is Gary (brother), Gary (Arlene’s husband), Jerry, Robert (brother) and John (Bevy's husband). Sid was Jerry’s oldest brother who died a few years ago. Jerry’s brother Mac and sister Elaine came later in the day. Jerry also has another sister Joan who lives in Florida who couldn’t  come.


Picture of some of the nieces and nephews. Tracy is in front row in orange with Jeff in back of her. Brenda is on right.


Jeff with his wife Donna.


Brenda and Dulca.


Tracy talking to her cousin Scott.

Sunday we stayed home. Brenda and Dulce went to visit a friend and Tracy left for Rochester.

Brenda and Dulce left this morning to return to Virginia.

It was good to have some of the kids home for awhile. It was a good weekend.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Boy, has it been hot lately. This past week it has gotten up into the 100 degrees a couple of days.

I had my garage sale again this week. Friday I did pretty good. I got rid of a lot of things that I won’t have to cart back to the basement. In the afternoon Jerry and I went golfing with Terry and Jackie at the country club. It was so hot that I didn’t do very good. I’m blaming it on the heat anyway. Everyone else did pretty good.

Sunday, I shut down the sale early to go to Home Depot. Jerry had to get a few things. On the way we stopped to see how Jeff and Donna was doing on their house they are building. Jeff was inside putting mud on the sheetrock. Donna was mowing lawn. I took some pictures of the view from their garage looking south.

Imported Photos 00028

Imported Photos 00029 Imported Photos 00030

These pictures was looking back up toward the house.

Imported Photos 00031

Imported Photos 00032

Imported Photos 00033

Imported Photos 00034

They did a lot of work on the lawn. It all was corn fields when they bought the property. Where the tree is in front of house was a ditch with a lot of brush that Jeff cleaned up and filled in. The pile of dirt to left of picture has to be leveled off yet.

Here are a few pictures of my flowers around yard.

Imported Photos 00023 

Imported Photos 00024

Imported Photos 00025

Imported Photos 00026

Imported Photos 00027

Well, today is Tuesday and it is raining. We need the rain since we had so much hot weather everything is drying up.

Today, I have an appointment to get my eyes examined. I need new glasses even if my eyes haven’t changed. When we were in Florida my glass stem broke and I had a new one put on only it was temporary and I have a scratch on one of the lens.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Well, I hope you are having at good holiday. I don’t know why in the world I choose this weekend to have my garage sale. I have to have my head examined. Here I sit waiting for people to stop and they are all out enjoying the holiday.

Jerry is out working at a job for his nephew. I will meet him later at our friends house for dinner. I think I am going to close the garage sale early. Nobody stopping anyway.

It is such a nice day today. I can’t blame people to want to enjoy themselves with whatever they are doing.

I think I will have to have the garage sale again next weekend. I am supposed to be open tomorrow yet. I still have a lot of good stuff left.

I forgot to tell you about our trip to Mehegan Sun. We left on the bus about 6:30AM and got there at 10:30. We made one stop in a rest area on Mass Pike. We were told to be back at bus stop at 5:45 and we will leave at 6:00.

Well, Jerry and I both went our separate ways and meet back up every so often. I played the card game LET IT RIDE for awhile. When I stopped playing I was ahead. I then tried the slots. I seemed to do pretty good. I was up and down on them. I meet up with Jerry for lunch. We went to the buffet. Had a good meal. Jerry said that he wasn’t doing to good at slots or card games. After we ate I played the game of 3 Card Poker. Again I did pretty good. I ended up ahead for the day. Jerry didn’t do so good. He lost about what I made. When we got back to the bus garage everyone was there on time except one lady. The bus driver even went into the casino for a ways looking for her. He called his boss and asked what he should do. He was told to leave the bus stop and circle around for 10 minutes and see if she shows up. Well, we did that and she still didn’t show up. So we had to leave her there. We finally left about 6:20. We got back a little after 10:30. It was a long day. We usually like to drive there but if we do we usually have to stay overnight.