Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall is Here

Well, I got through the garage sale finally. Most of what was left I took to Salvation Army. I took a couple of boxes to my sister-in-law to sell at her garage sale. She has nice spot for it on Route 20. So only a few things came back into house. Maybe the kids will want it.

We didn’t do to much all week. Joan and George are up from Florida. They stopped in on Monday afternoon and invited us over for dinner Wednesday night. We took Bob with us to Kathy and Jay’s camp where Joan and George are staying. We had a pleasant evening visiting with Jerry’s sister Chipper, Joan, George, Joan's’ daughter Kathy and her husband Jay, Bob and us.

Friday, we went to the Eastern States Fair in Springfield, Mass with Terry and Jackie.




Jackie, Terry and Jerry trying to see were we are.


The mounted police of the Eastern states.


Jackie and I did some shopping in the village venders booths there while the guys rested on the church steps.

On the way home it was early so we stopped at the Prime Outlets in Lee, Mass to do a little shopping. Again the guys found a spot to sit and visit while Jackie and I did some shopping.

Saturday, Jerry worked on farm while I did some yard work.

Sunday, we went up to Lois’ to close up her camper. That took an hour or so. We then went up to Sackets Harbor on Lake Ontario just west of Watertown. We had dinner at the Boathouse Restaurant. Sunday was the last day of the season for them.

The leaves are starting to change fast. Today is not so nice. We had a little rain earlier this morning and looks like it will rain again. There is a little wind and the leaves are starting to fall pretty fast. So most of this week I will be raking up leaves.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Garage Sale Again

Well, we didn’t do to much this week. Jerry worked on farm house all week.

All I did was get ready for my garage sale this weekend. This is it. What doesn’t sell go to Sally Ann’s or thrown out. Some of the stuff I will put on Freecycle to see who might want it.

Yesterday, Friday I did pretty good. This morning has been pretty slow. I have had a couple of Amish stop. They all bought something. This morning an Amish older gentleman bought a pair of my hiking boots that I don’t use anymore. There was quite a bit of wear left in them. He said that his grandson will fit into them.

I don’t have high prices on things. I would rather sell something for a few coins than end up throwing it away.

Tonight we are going to go out to eat with Terry and Jackie. We will be going to Lambardo. If we go there on Friday I usually get the fish fry but tonight I’ll try something else. Last night Jerry and I went to the Winner’s Circle so I had my fish last night. The Winner’s Circle has the best broiled fish around. I don’t know what they put on it but it is always good.

 Well, wish me luck on the garage sale because everybody is probably sick of hearing about it. This is my last one!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Never Forget 9-11

Well, when you think back to that terrible day I am sure everybody remembers what they were doing when you first heard about it. We had just come back from a trip to Michigan. We went to a wedding of the son of our friends Bob and Kathy. It was in Saugatuck which is on Lake Michigan. Saugatuck is a small artsy town very upscale. The parents of the bride had a home right on the Lake. There was a long stairway down to the beach where they had a big tent set up for the wedding. The caterers had to carry everything up and down the stairs. It was a very lovely wedding. You would think that a beach wedding would be informal but this one wasn’t. Did you ever try to dance in heels in the sand? Everyone had a good time though. We drove out and back but some of our friends flew out. We got back Monday and everything was back to normal. Well, Tuesday, my mother called all hysterical trying to tell me something about the market falling. (I though she meant the stock market). Then she said to turn the TV on. Then all was history. The bride and groom flew to Grease for honeymoon and had a hard time coming home.

It was a great weekend but the days following we didn’t know if we would be traveling anywhere's for awhile.

We were all thankful that it happened after we were home and not before.

Well, back to this Friday, we went golfing with Russ, Lynn, Terry and Jackie. The golf coarse was up in Ilion behind Russ and Lynn's house. Everybody did pretty good except me. I think I get worse the more I play.

After the golfing we went to Vernon Downs to the buffet that they have there. It was very good. We stayed for about 5 races and then came home. 

Today, Jerry went to work on the farm (Donnas' place). I mowed the lawn all afternoon. Hope to finish it tomorrow.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day

I hope everybody had a great Labor Day. We had a great day. Jerry worked at his niece Donnas' place. She lives in Colorado but she bought the old farm that her family lived on when she was young. She wants to do it over into a place where she can come to when she is out this way. Her brothers Tony and Peter are working with Jerry to get it done. Tony has the out side work to do, plus cleaning up the barn. He is clearing the brush from around house so Jerry and Peter can do some foundation work. There are some other nephews and friends working on the cleanup. They will be gutting the house of all plaster and tearing out walls that she wants done. She plans to add decks and a gazebo off the decks where they come together. It is a major redo. It will take awhile to do all of this work. Jerry will work as long as we are up north. When we go to Florida, Peter and Tony will continue to do what ever they can this winter.

Yesterday, Wednesday, it started out nice. I went for walk in the morning but then it turned out rainy and cold. It didn’t rain hard but enough to make it miserable. Last night we went to dinner over to Bvy & Johns’ house. Arlene and Gary came over later for dessert.

Today, it is rainy, dark and cold. I can’t do anything outside so I’m working on my computer. Reading blogs and looking up stuff.

Well, I hope it clears up tomorrow, because we are supposed to go golfing with Russ, Lynn, Terry and Jackie. Then we plan on going to Vernon Downs to the races and have dinner there.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hot Weather to Cold Weather

Well, our hot weather didn’t last long. Friday was half way decent. It was in the middle 70s. I got some rose bushes from Jerry’s niece, so I started to plant them. We made another flower bed. This one is along the drive way going into our place. Jerry tilled up the dirt and we planted the rose bushes plus some lilies. I have no idea what they will look like until they come back next year. We got the black plastic down but we had to get more mulch.

We went out to dinner Friday night at the Olympic Diner in Amsterdam. Jerry had macaroni & cheese and I had their broiled haddock. We both enjoyed our meal, although I like Winner’s Circle’s broiled haddock better.

Saturday morning we went back to Amsterdam to get more mulch. After we put it down we decided to get some edging blocks to put around it. I would work a little on it and it would start to rain. Then I’d put everything away and the sun would come out. I did that twice and the last time I called it quits for the day.

After that we left to go to a football game at Colgate College with Arlene and Gary. Last year we went to all their home games and so this year we plan to go to some of them. Colgate played  Monmouth. Colgate won 30 to 29. It was a good game put Colgate almost lost it. They were ahead quite a bit in first half and then Monmouth started playing better. But Colgate ended up the winner.  It looked like it was going to rain all night. It held off but it was cold.

Sunday, we went to the races at Saratoga for the last time this year. I won the first race but then I went downhill from there. Jerry had some winner. Terry and Jackie didn’t do so good. It was supposed to be in the high 60 but I dough if it got into the high 50’s. We were all dressed in several sweaters and jackets. But we had fun.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Porch & Deck

Awhile ago I mentioned that Jerry finished the porch railings and the deck railings. Well, this morning I took a couple of pictures of them.


The front porch.


The Deck.


The stairs to go down. I think he did a good job.

Having warm weather again

Well, not much happening here. Mornings, I go for walk before it gets to hot. Monday, I went to visit Nancy. While I was there Mary and Craig stopped in for a visit. Nancy and I both worked for Mary in her Ceramics Shop years ago. Mary and Craig live in Florida year around in Top of The World community. They are up here to visit family. We had a lot of reminiscing to do. Nancy is doing good. She lost her husband 2 years ago and she hasn’t gotten used to it yet.

Tuesday all I did was go for my walk and washed the car. Its just to hot to do anything else. Jerry has been working at Russ and Lynn’s house the last couple of days. Today I’ll probably do the same. I don’t know were Jerry gets all his energy. He keep busy all the time.