Friday, March 26, 2010

Back from cruise

Well, we are back from cruise but we have been quite busy. My sister Lois came down the 16th right after the cruise. I will write more when we get home in NY. We leave Sunday the 28th.

Gutting the Mobile.

Thursday, 3/12/10 We found a mobile that has to have some work done on it. We can get it real cheap so we decided to purchase it. It is in the same over 55 mobile home park that Jerry's brothers and sisters live in. We got together with the owner of mobile and he said that it was alright with him if we started gutting the mobile.

The finale paper work will be completed when we get back from our cruise next week.

We spent the rest of day gutting the kitchen and walls that had to be taken out. Arlene, Gary, John, Bevy, Bob and friend Barry helped.

Tomorrow, Jerry and I leave with Terry and Jackie on 3 day cruise to Nassau. We will be back on Monday.


Wednesday, Kathy, Jackie Barbara and I went to the Florida Mall in Orlando. Barbara lives in the Villages near Kathy. She was from NY. I have known her for a long time. We were there all day.

Jerry and Terry spent the day at OBS in Ocala and meet us at Kathy’s house when they got back. We all went to Cindy and Dave’s house for dinner. Terry and Jackie, Kathy and her husband Paul, Jerry and I. We had a nice dinner on their patio.

Visitor Calling

3/4/10 This morning we went to Belleview to visit with the relatives. We usually get together at Arlene and Gary’s mobile because the sun is shining the most on their patio. After talking with everybody for awhile we left and had lunch at the Farmhouse restaurant that is open for breakfast and lunch. It has a homey, family atmosphere. We each had a BLT on rye. Very good.

We then got a few groceries and then went home. Jerry wanted to go to the gym but I stayed home. I went out on the screened in porch and was reading the paper when I got a visitor wanting to come in.IMG_0467

A big blue heron was outside the door.IMG_0468

IMG_0470 IMG_0472

I didn’t open the door so he decided to leave.

Jackie’s Coming to Florida

Friday, the 5th we went golfing with Terry and his sister Kathy. We all had a good time.

Saturday, we went to Tampa with Terry to pickup his wife Jackie, at the airport. We left early so we could go to the Hard Rock Casino for awhile. We then went to the airport to pick up Jackie. Her plane came in 45 minutes ahead of time so we got there just in time. On the way home we stopped to a Cracker Barrel to have dinner.

Sunday, we meet them at the Markets of Marion. We went through the whole place without buying to much.

We agreed to meet for dinner at the Oakwood grill at about 6:00 that night. There was Terry, Jackie, Kathy and another couple Cindy and Dave.

On the way home we stopped in to see Jerry’s sister Joan and her husband George. Bruce was there and he said that he was leaving for home in the morning.

Golfing again

Monday.We went golfing with Terry and Jackie in afternoon. We stopped for dinner at the Pasta Fare.

Tuesday, Arlene called and said that she found out that there was a mobile home for sale in the park. It had the pipes freeze when it got cold in Jan because nobody was living in it. After the pipes froze it had a lot of mildew damage. We got together with the present owner and he said we could get it pretty cheap because the whole Kitchen plus the walls on one side had to be gutted, plus a closet in next bedroom. The owners father had lived there until they took his back to Ohio where he died. The owner now said he didn’t have time to do the mobile over.

After we talked to owner we went golfing with Terry and Jackie, again.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


About the only thing interesting that we have been doing lately is golfing.

We went golfing Monday March 1st with our friends Terry and his sister. Terry’s sister Kathy, her friends Barb, Cindy and I made a foursome. Jerry & Terry was put with another couple. Our foursome had a lot of fun. Barb and Cindy do quite a bit of golfing in the Villages so they did pretty good. Kathy very seldom goes golfing because she says she doesn’t like it. But we had a nice time together.

Osprey Nesting

Along the golf course they made a pole for the osprey to nest. The birds (couple) started to nest about the first of year. Sometimes you only see one bird in nest and the male would be on another pole guarding the nest. When we go for our walk we always check out the birds. Here are a few pictures that I took of them.

 Imported Photos 00151

Imported Photos 00154 Imported Photos 00155