Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cold Weather


It’s been cold since we came back from Florida. We had a lot of limbs down again this year. We have lots of trees around our place but it gets quite hard trying to keep it looking nice. We had a hard winter this year with a lot of snow. When there is a lot of heavy wet snow it breaks the tree limbs. So we spent about 4 days picking them all up and burning them. We have a spot in the back of the property where we burn brush without causing any harm.I didn’t take any pictures this year but it looks like it did last year.

We haven’t been doing much of anything lately. It’s been quite cold out. We decided that we came home from Florida to early. Next year we plan on staying down there a little longer. Besides being cold we have had a lot of rain. Today there were a few snow flurries in the air.

The only reason we came home so early is Jerry had a couple of doctors appointments and we had to file our tax return.

This Sunday is Easter. So I hope everybody has a Happy Easter.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rest of Winter in Florida & My sister Bobbie

After Lois left she flew to Alabama to visit our sister Bobbie. She stayed a week then flew home from there. Then Jerry’s buddy Terry came to Florida. He stayed at his sister’s in The Villages.

We went golfing a few times. Jerry and Terry went to OBS while I went shopping. Jackie came down and we went golfing, to the casino, out to dinner and other things together. They left and then our daughter Tracy and friend Mary Ellen came down. They wanted a brake from work and Mary Ellen’s family. They stayed from Thursday to Sunday.


Mary Ellen & Tracy

That Saturday night I got call from Lois that our sister Bobbie (in Alabama) went into the hospital. My sister never when to the doctors much less go to a hospital so we knew that it was serious.  She fell and a blood clot formed in her leg. She had many complications. The doctors operated on her Monday afternoon the 21st but she died that night. Lois flew down and we drove over from Florida. Her funeral was Friday the 25th. After the funeral Lois came with us back to Florida to close up the mobile. We then drove home. We stopped at Brenda’s in Virginia for 2 days and came on home.


Barbara Rose when she graduated.


The last time we went to visit Bobbie after Christmas  in 2008 on our way to Florida.


Here is a pictures of her sons and daughters.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Well, I haven’t written in quite awhile. We had a busy time in Florida. We went up to Brenda’s after Christmas for a couple of days.

Jerry was busy working on mobile. I can’t remember what he was doing, when, but he got the mobile livable again. Here are some pictures of the finished place.

IMG_2173IMG_2167 IMG_2170


Lois came done on Jan 10th and spent some time with us. On the 16th Lois and I went on cruise with Arlene, Gary, Barry, Sally and a group of other people that we know. Jerry didn’t go because he said he wanted to stay home and do some work on mobile. Here are some pictures from cruise. We went to Grand Caymen Islands, Isle Rotan,Costa Maya and Cozumel.


Lois on deck just before we sailed.


Lois, Arlene and Gary at dinner.


Sally & Barry


Holly (Gary’s cousins wife) and Flo


All of us at Turtle Farm in Grand Caymen.


Lois and Arlene holding baby turtles.


Flo with pirate.


We went to a cameo factory on the Isle Rotan. Here are some worker carving some cameos.


Some of the beautiful scenery of the Caribbean.

For the rest of the time in Florida we spent working on mobile and having our afternoon get togethers with everybody that was around.