Thursday, April 29, 2010


April 28, 10 This morning we woke up to snow. Not much, but you could see it on the truck and the deck. Its been cold all day.

So we decided to look for a TV stand. We went to several furniture stores but was undecided. So we didn’t buy anything today. We took measurements of a couple that we liked at the Old Brick, a furniture store in Rotterdam.

Saturday, Jerry goes with the guys to HBO in Saratoga to see the Kentucky Derby. I plan on going shopping. I probably will go back to the Old Brick to pick up the TV stand.

Well, this past week I finally got my spring cleaning done. Now, I have been cleaning out the basement. I plan on having a garage sale in June or July. So, I have been sorting things out. Things for garage sale, things for Florida, things for Good Will, things I have to keep and the rest gets thrown out. Anything that does sell in garage sale will probably go to Good Will also. I have way to much “stuff”.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Cleaning

The last couple of days I have been doing my spring cleaning. I’ve washed all the windows, screens and the curtains. Now, I’m going from room to room cleaning everything. I cleaned the chandelier that is in our dining area. It came from our old house before we built this one. It is quite old. It has 179 crystals. It took me 1 hour and 20 minutes to put back together.



As I am cleaning I am packing anything that I could use in Florida. I have doubles of quite a few things and I am weeding them out.

Well, have to get back to my cleaning.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Working Around the House

All week the only thing I seem to do is working in the yard. After we got more mulch, I finished the biggest flower garden. Then I started a new patch in between a smaller iris garden and a pad that has the picnic table on it. It was just to hard to mow between the two spaces so I took out the grass and added some mulch. I added some more hosta and some new ferns. I’ll take some pictures soon.


Here is a couple of pictures of our yard.




Today Jerry worked on our skylights. We have to replace the ones that were in the roof because they started to leak. The old ones opened up manually but they don’t make that size anymore so we found some that don’t open, so we are putting them in. We put the skylights in when we built the house about 20 years ago. So hopefully the new ones will last for awhile. Here’s Jerry working on skylights.


Tomorrow, if it rains we plan on going up to visit Lois. If it doesn’t rain Jerry wants to work on the other skylight.

Today they had TV’s for sale on ShopNBC. It was a special they were running. For a 42” LG TV they were selling for $699 plus tax of 55.92 with no shipping and handling. That is the cheapest we have seen on a 42” TV. We have been looking at new TV’s because Jerry wants a new one. We have a 29” that work good, so we will be taking that one to Florida in the fall to put in the mobile.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cleaning up The Yard

Almost the only thing that we have been doing since we came home is cleaning up the yard. We picked up all the limbs that were down. I raked for about three days. It was mostly small twigs left from the limbs that came down plus pinecones, pine needles and leaves. Then, I worked on my flower beds. I put mulch in all of them. I still have one more to finish.

Friday it was a little rainy so we decided that was a good time to check out the new Hyundai's. Jerry had doctors appointment in morning. Just a follow up at the nose doctors. Last year he had trouble breathing through his nose. The doctor checked him out an said that he had polyps in his nose. He gave him some spray to shrink them. He did that all winter. So when he went back on Friday the doctor said that they looked fine. Just keep on doing what he has been doing.

After the doctors appointment we went to the Hyundai dealers because we got a recall notice from them. It was something about a switch. They said it would take about 20 minutes so we decided to look at the 2011’s. I liked a red one there so we had to talk prices with a salesman and what we would get for ours. We left not buying right now but have to talk it over and think about it.

Last night we went out for dinner with Terry and Jackie to have our usual fish fry.

Today, it has been misty and cold so all I did work in side the house. In the afternoon we went to Wal-Mart's to get some more mulch.

Well, hope tomorrow is nicer.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Trip South Dec 08 to Jan 09

When we went to Florida last year we left before Christmas. We had a nice Christmas at Brenda’s house in Richmond, Va.DH000006

Dulce opening up her presents with Brenda watching, also Isabella the dog.


Jerry enjoying himself, watching.


Dulce playing with presents.


Dulce with her Dad, Nicki.

After we had Christmas at Brenda’s we went on to my sister Bobby’s (Barbara) place in Grove Hill, Alabama.

We had a good time visiting with her chrildren and grandchildren.


Bobby opening up one of her presents.

After we left Bobby’s place we went on down to the coast, west to New Orleans.

On the way we saw what the hurricane had left. We were here before the hurricane and saw all the beautiful homes. We were here in Dec 07 also. They have come along some but it is not up to what it was before the hurricane.



We had a free room at Harrah’s Casino for the night.


The next morning we went for a walk through the French Quarter. It was pretty quiet but there were still people out looking.


DH000081 DH000092


This place says House Of Blues.


This place was the Rats Hole.


Trolley car after we got back from the French Quarter.


The sea still looked beautiful. This picture was taken near Biloxi, Miss. Yes, we also stopped at some of the casino there. We stayed overnight at the Grand Biloxi Casino.

From there we went on to Florida. We stayed in the same 55 plus condo area in Ocala as we did this winter but in a different unit.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Well, we are home now. We got back on the 1st of April. Lois stayed overnight and I took her home to Watertown on Friday.

When we got home we thought a bomb was set off in our yard. The last snow storm had taken a lot of tree limbs down. That has been about all we have been doing since we came home is cleaning up the yard. We still have a couple of days work to do.IMG_0692



As you can see we have quite a few trees on our yard.


In Virginia

Tuesday, March 28th. Well, we are at Brenda’s in Virginia now. We got here Sunday night. Lois is with us. We will be leaving here tomorrow morning. We are going to Atlantic City first. We are going to Stay at the Resorts for one night and going back to NY on Thursday.

When we left Florida it had started to get warmer. We had a nice time on the cruise to the Bahamas. We went with Terry and Jackie. We went for a three day cruise. We left on Sunday the 13th and was back on the 15th. Monday we went to the Atlantis casino on Paradise Island. We didn’t stay because all the tables were 15 dollars and up. Jackie and I played for a few hands but with those stakes your money goes pretty fast. So we went back to the ship.


We came back from the cruise we tried to do some cleaning up of the mobile. we had to get the electric turned on and when we leave it will be put on vacation.

We went to Kennedy Space Center on the 19th with Gary, Arlene, Lois. We had a good day. It was beautiful day.IMG_0635

IMG_0650  IMG_0673

Lois and Jerry in front of a space suit.