Monday, October 3, 2011


Irene hit the eastern coast along North Carolina and moved up the coast. It was supposed to do more damage in New York City than it did.

People said that there wasn’t much damage from the hurricane. In Upstate New York the hurricane didn’t do the damage but the amount of rain that came with it.

It caused the Schoharie Creek to rise and sent flooding through the Schoharie Valley. The Schoharie Creek empties into the Mohawk River. There was flooding downstream of the Gilboa Dam through the small towns of the Valley. The hardest hit was the towns of Middleburg and Schoharie.

The Mohawk raised so much that it flooded along the Mohawk Valley. from the towns of Amsterdam down through Scotia and into parts of Albany.

In Amsterdam the historical site of Old Fort Johnson built in 1749 by William Johnson only had some flooding but down the road Guy Park Manor, the 1773 home of Guy Johnson, nephew of William had a lot of flooding plus lost portions of the exterior.

The flooding of the Schoharie caused many homes to be destroyed.

We went for a tour of the area on Sept 5th with Arlene and Gary. Here are some of the pictures that I took.


This is cornfield on 145 that was flooded and flattened. The smoke in background is barn that was burned because the hay in the barn got wet and caught on fire.


House in Schoharie that was flooded and people are cleaning up.


Here is what is left of someone's deck.


Somebodies mobile.


Debris in trees along creek.


Pizza shop trying to clean up before it can open.


Workers trying to straighten out creek and remove rocks and debris.

IMG_2430Somebodies lawn.

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