Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tuesday Nov 24

Well, we finally are ready to start out on our trip to florida. We are going only to Richmond, Va today to spend Thanksgiving with our daughter Brenda. We will continue on to Florida on monday. On the way down we travel I-88 to I-8I south. We have to go from New York through Penn. then Maryland, West Va and into Virginia. Through most of VA we go on secondry roads. We travel 522 down through the central part of Va. We like to see the back country of the state. It is very pretty driving through the country. Here are some pictures. the first is a picture of a wall the someone put up to divide their property from their neighbors. Not to friendly neighbors. This is a scene along the back country roads of Va. Very pretty. These pigs have been in the same spot the last couple of years that we have been driving this route.

We got to our daughters Tuesday night. Wednesday we mostly just relaxed and Jerry did so odd jobs around her house. Flo

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