Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Welcome to our new blog!

Hello everybody. I am going to try to let everybody know what we are doing on our travels when we go south for the winter. My husband Jerry and myself (Florence) are retired. We will be in Ocala, Florida from Dec- March. Flo


  1. Cool. Where are you guys now?

    Don't worry, I'm just bored at work-not a weirdo. (at least not too weird!)

  2. I hope you will like my blog. This is the first that I have done this. It is mostly for my children to know what we are doing.

  3. Hi Flo,
    We are having an aerial fire truck built by E-One in Ocala, FL. If you tour the plant it is for Ridgeland, Mississippi Fire Dept. It is scheduled for completion in Jan/Feb.

    Great start on blogging.

    Stay Safe

  4. Thanks for looking at my blog. I will try to look up the plant while we are in Ocala. Flo