Thursday, April 29, 2010


April 28, 10 This morning we woke up to snow. Not much, but you could see it on the truck and the deck. Its been cold all day.

So we decided to look for a TV stand. We went to several furniture stores but was undecided. So we didn’t buy anything today. We took measurements of a couple that we liked at the Old Brick, a furniture store in Rotterdam.

Saturday, Jerry goes with the guys to HBO in Saratoga to see the Kentucky Derby. I plan on going shopping. I probably will go back to the Old Brick to pick up the TV stand.

Well, this past week I finally got my spring cleaning done. Now, I have been cleaning out the basement. I plan on having a garage sale in June or July. So, I have been sorting things out. Things for garage sale, things for Florida, things for Good Will, things I have to keep and the rest gets thrown out. Anything that does sell in garage sale will probably go to Good Will also. I have way to much “stuff”.

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