Saturday, April 10, 2010

In Virginia

Tuesday, March 28th. Well, we are at Brenda’s in Virginia now. We got here Sunday night. Lois is with us. We will be leaving here tomorrow morning. We are going to Atlantic City first. We are going to Stay at the Resorts for one night and going back to NY on Thursday.

When we left Florida it had started to get warmer. We had a nice time on the cruise to the Bahamas. We went with Terry and Jackie. We went for a three day cruise. We left on Sunday the 13th and was back on the 15th. Monday we went to the Atlantis casino on Paradise Island. We didn’t stay because all the tables were 15 dollars and up. Jackie and I played for a few hands but with those stakes your money goes pretty fast. So we went back to the ship.


We came back from the cruise we tried to do some cleaning up of the mobile. we had to get the electric turned on and when we leave it will be put on vacation.

We went to Kennedy Space Center on the 19th with Gary, Arlene, Lois. We had a good day. It was beautiful day.IMG_0635

IMG_0650  IMG_0673

Lois and Jerry in front of a space suit.

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