Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In Florida AT Last

Well, we finally made it back to Florida. We got here on the 14th. I haven’t had a chance to post a blog since my birthday on the 7th of Dec.

On the 10th of Dec was our 50th wedding Anniversary. Well, we didn’t plan to do anything special. We went out to dinner for our usually Friday night fish fry with Terry, Jackie, Charlie and Ann.

On Saturday we planned to go up to Turning Stone with Terry and Jackie for a couple of hours and then stop somewhere for dinner. Well, on the way home they took us to the VFW hall in Richfield Springs. When we got there we were surprised with a party put on by all the kids. JJ, Eric with son Dolan, Pam with her two daughters Arica and Amber, Brenda with Dulce, Tracy, Jeff and Donna were all there. We were really surprised because that is the first time they have been all together in a couple of years.

All of us

JJ, Jeff, Eric, Brenda,Tracy, Pam,Jerry And Flo

Imported Photos 00024

Amber, Dolan, Arica, Jerry, Dulce, and Flo

Jerry & Me 2

Florence & Jerry

We had all of our friends there. After we went home all the kids came to the house. Lois also spent the night.

Pam, Arica, Amber, Eric and Dolan had an early flight out the next morning so they left that night to stay in motel in town. Tracy, JJ and Lois left the next day. JJ was getting a flight from Rochester so he stayed Sunday night at Tracy’s. We left Sunday morning with Brenda and Dulce and spent the night at Brenda’s. We left the next morning for Florida. We stayed in Stark, Florida Monday night and got to Belleview around 10:00 on Tuesday. Since then we have been quite busy cleaning and getting things organized. Jerry started sheetrocking this week. He has only the bedroom wall left to do.

Tomorrow we leave to spend Christmas with Brenda and Dulce in Richmond. We will be back Monday night.


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