Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Well, we have been having our share of rain. I would rather have all this rain than snow.

On the way up to Rochester Thursday morning we stopped for about 45 minutes at Turning Stone Casino at Vernon, NY. Here are some pictures of their Christmas decorations.





We had a nice small Thanksgiving with daughter Tracy. There was just the three of us with plenty of food.


In the afternoon we went over to her friends home that we have known for years. Mary Ellen and Steve with their two sons Cameron and Jared, plus her parents Flo and Ken.




We went out to breakfast with Tracy the next morning. We left about 11:00 to come back home. When we got here Lois was here so we went out to dinner at Lombardo’s. We were joined by Terry and Jackie for the fish fry.

Saturday Lois, Jerry and I went to Arlene and Gary’s to pick them up for the trip to Barry and Sally’s so we could talk over plans for our cruise in Jan. Jerry went for the day but he isn’t going on cruise with us. Lois and I will share a cabin. There was Barry's’ brother and wife and Gary’s cousin and wife also there. We discussed plans for the cruise and then had a light lunch.

We went out to dinner that night with Lois and the next morning she drove home.

Tuesday, I went to Albany airport to pick up Jerry’s niece Donna. She flew in from Colorado to see how here house in coming along. She stayed here for the night and the rest of week she will stay at her brothers.

It’s getting closer to Florida.



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