Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Well, I'm in Colorado. I flew out on the 5th. The flight was good. We made good time. Got here about 1:00. Pam had a doctors appointment at 2:30. We had just enough time to get there. She saw the doctor and he said that she should have the surgery. They set up the surgery for Tuesday the 11th. On Monday the 10th she had all her pre-op tests done. She is going to have surgery on her 5th and 6th vertebra in her neck. They were herniated and causing the spinal cord to bend and pinching the nerves that go to her hands.

The weather had been nice last week. I was able to go for walks every morning. Sunday, was Mothers Day so Pam's daughters and their boyfriends had a barbecue outside. It was nice all day. Pam has two small dogs, Belle and Little Man. They are both Chippewas. Pam's youngest daughter Amber lives with her. She has three dogs. Two big dogs and a medium sized dog. I don't know the breeds of the two larger dogs but the other one is a pug. Well, on Mothers Day her other daughter Arica brought over her dogs. She has four plus she brought along one of her fathers dogs with her. So that made TEN!! dogs here. I felt like I was in a kennel. In the afternoon some more friends dropped in and brought their dogs. So we ended up with 12. Good thing it was nice out so they were outside and there was a large back yard.
Here is picture of daughter Pam in the middle with her daughter Arica on the left with me on the right. My son Eric with his son Dolan in back.

Pam's operation went good. She stayed overnight on Tuesday. We though that she would be coming home Wed but the doctor decided to let her stay until tomorrow Thursday because she has a drain in her neck that has to be taken out before she can come home.

It turned colder on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday when I woke up there was snow on the ground. It is supposed to snow a little bit more tonight.

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