Monday, May 31, 2010

When I was in Colorado

I know I haven’t posted lately but I have been busy.

I helped Pam after her operation as much as I could.  She did pretty good at getting right back on her feet, but she couldn’t do any driving.  Her daughters were with her on Sunday the 16th so I drove up to my son JJ house to spend the day. He took me over to visit Jerry’s niece Barbara and her husband Pat.  After that we went for a ride up to Estes Park for dinner.

We didn’t do to much the next week. One day I drove Pam over to Washington Park in Denver to just walk. It was a nice park with walking trails, bike paths and lots of space to do what ever you want to do.


Some of the geese at the park with their new babies.


Pam with her brace that she has to wear for about 6 weeks.

On the 22nd I drove Pam up to Eric and Dolans to spend the day.



The 23rd JJ picked me up and we went for ride up into the mountains west of Denver. We went to a lot of small towns there. JJ likes to check out the bars in the small towns. So we stopped at this one in Fairplay. He had a beer but I only had a soda but he took a picture of me with his beer to show his father.


While we were in Fairplay we went into the gift shop in the Hand Hotel. We looked all around the inside of the Hotel. It was very interesting. It looked like it might have back in the 1800s.


After riding around for awhile we stopped in Georgetown on the way home to have dinner at the Black Raven. It was another interesting town. IMG_1105

I left the next morning for home on the 24th. It was a long day because I had a long layover in Chicago. Jerry picked me up in Albany about 11PM.

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