Sunday, October 10, 2010

Last Rose Of Summer


Well, I pick the last of my roses for this year. Don’t they look pretty. Today I was cleaning out my flower garden. I decided to pick these before the frost got them.

I still don’t feel tip-top but better than last week. I have been working around yard getting things put away for winter. I still  have more flower gardens to do.

Jerry has been busy working on his niece’s farm house. Wednesday we went out to dinner with Bvy, John,  Arlene and Gary. We went up to the East End Steak House in Little Falls. It was Bvy birthday on the 5th and Jerry’s birthday on the 7th. Arlene and Gary’s anniversary on the 9th. So we all were celebrating. Although Jerry said he doesn’t celebrate his birthday anymore because who wants to celebrate getting older. He was only 71 so he has a long way to go. LOL.


Flo & Jerry


Arlene & Gary


Bvy & John

Friday we went out with Terry and Jackie to Lombardo’s for fish.

This weekend we didn’t do anything. Jerry worked and I worked around house.

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