Sunday, October 31, 2010

Catching Up

I can’t believe its been soon long since I wrote in my blog. We really haven’t been doing much.

Oct 16th we went with Arlene & Gary to another Colgate game at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. It was about a two hour drive. It was nice that day but cold. Colgate won.

Oct 17th we went up to Carthage to see Lois. We had a nice visit then went out to dinner and had a nice drive around the area. Here are some pictures of the windmills in Lowville.



They have quite a few up there.

On the 20th Jerry’s brother Mac had an accident while working and did quite a bit of damage on his knee. It bent backwards and went out of socket but luckily when he got to the hospital they got it back in socket. But he had to have surgery because blood clots were forming in his leg. They left the wounds open and let them drain. He had two of them stitched up on Friday and the rest will be worked on Monday. We went to visit a couple of time. He is in pretty good spirits.

Oct 23rd we went to a 50th wedding anniversary for Ann and Charlie. All of our friends were there and had a good time.

Oct 24th Jerry worked around the house and in the afternoon we went for a ride south. Every fall we like to go south along the Schoharie River to all the vegetable stands. We like to stop at the Carrot Barn in Middleburgh. We got some cider doughnuts and coffee. I remember when all the kids were home when they were small we would buy a fifty pound bag of carrots here for about $6.00. Then after the kids got home from school they peeled them and when I got home from work I would freeze them.



Then we went to the Apple Barn in Schoharie.


The leaves were pretty down that way. Up north here they are pretty much gone.




The camera doesn’t do a good job of showing all the colors.

This week we haven’t done much except work. Jerry is still busy on the farm house. Today Jerry is helping Jeff burn some sumac on his land.

If has been on the cold side most of the week. I wouldn’t be surprised that it snowed pretty soon.

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