Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. I hope everybody will have a nice day with good food and enjoy it with their family and friends.

We are going up to Rochester to have Thanksgiving with daughter Tracy. All I need to do is make a pumpkin pie. After I get there in the morning I will help her get the meal together.

In the afternoon we plan visiting her friend Mary Ellen and family. We will stay at Tracy’s apartment and go home Friday. We usually take Tracy out for breakfast in the morning before we leave.

We have been busy since my last posting but not doing anything worth writing about. Jerry is done working on the farm because he has to much to do around here that has to be done before we leave for Florida.

Lois is coming down Friday afternoon. We will probably go out for dinner Friday with her. Then on Saturday we are going with Lois, Arlene and Gary to visit some friends from Florida that we will be going on a cruise with in Jan. We have to get our fun passes taken care of. Lois will probably leave for home on Sunday.

Jerry’s niece Donna is coming here on Tuesday. I have to go to Albany to pick her up. She plans on staying here Tuesday night then at her brother Tony’s house the rest of week.

So far we plan on leaving for Florida about the 12th or 13th of Dec. I just hope we don’t get any snow before that.

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