Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I’m sorry that I don’t get to post much.  Here at the condo I don’t have internet so I have to go over to the clubhouse to get online. We have been taking it pretty easy here. We don’t get up until about 7:30. Then set around eating a light breakfast watching TV until we decide what we plan on doing. We went for a ride over to Cedar Keys the other day. It wasn’t to busy there because of the weather. We walked around and went into some of the shops there then went out on the pier where some fishermen were fishing for sheep's head fish.  I never heard of them but that's what they said.  IMG_0104 IMG_0111

New years Eve day was nice so we went for  walk in the swamp near here. It isn’t wet in there so I don’t know why they call it a swamp. Maybe sometime of the years it gets wet. But it isn’t this time of year.      IMG_0168IMG_0160

For New Years Eve we went down to Jerry’s sister Bev and BIL John’s place in Belleview for a party. We all brought something to pass and had a good meal. Then we played pinochle which I haven’t played since we were first married.  We all had fun. We saw the new year come in then we all left.  Well, Happy New Year everybody.

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