Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jerry has left me

Thursday, Jerry left this morning for home in upstate NY to watch the super bowl game with his buddies. I took him down to Tampa to fly home this morning. I didn’t want to go back up north to all that cold weather and snow. I’ll stay here where it is nice and warm.

Every year he goes someplace with his buddies to watch the game. They have been doing this since the first super bowl. When it first started they would go to whoever had the best resection on their TV. The last 15 years or so they have been going to the local bowling ally. The bowling ally has a big party for the guys.

Jerry has been going with three of his buddies Terry, Bob and Russ from the beginning.

They have always made a day of it by having pitch tournaments. In the beginning it was the older fellows against the younger. Jerry was one of the younger ones in the beginning, now he is in the older group.

When it first started  everybody had young children then, so the wives would go to one of the homes that the men were not at and spent the day together. Now the women usually go shopping.

Since Jerry won’t be here for the next 2 weeks I won’t be going golfing but I plan to go to the driving range when I can.

Jerry will be coming back down with his buddy Terry around Feb 10th. Terry is driving down to spend a couple of weeks with his sister, who lives in the Villages. Terry’s wife will fly down the end of Feb and then both will drive home after the four of us go on a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas.

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