Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday was just as cold

Well, it was just as cold. The weather says that it will get a little warmer this week.

We got tired of laying around watching TV so we decided to do something. Jerry decided to go up to OBS to the OTB parlor. I dropped him off so I could go shopping. I went to the mall at Heathbrook. It is a mall were the shops are not connected. Luckily I could park close enough so I didn’t have to walk outside much. I found a couple of tops and a pair of dress slacks. I also got Jerry a new pair of sneakers.

After that I picked Jerry up and we went for a short drive west of Ocala. Ocala has a lot of horse ranches west and south of town. Jerry wanted to find George Steinbrenner's horse farm Kinsmen. I had looked it up on line so we had the address. We found it but I forgot the camera so I couldn’t take any pictures. I thought it would be more impressive looking but it looked like any other ranch out there. There was a big K on the gates but most ranches down here have fancy entrances.

After we got home Jerry watched the footballs games that were on and I read some blogs. I download them when I get a chance to go on line so I can read whenever I want to. I did go for a walk after we had dinner but Jerry was to involved in the ball games. Then after the game we went to grocery store to get a few groceries. Not an exciting day but …..

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