Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Well, I’m home now. Guess what was in the garage when we pulled in after I got home from Colorado. A new lawn mower. Jerry put it in the garage so I could see it as soon as I got home. It is a John Deere, 54 inch cut riding lawn tractor. It is bigger than the one I had which was only a 48 inch cut.

So, the next day that is what I was doing. Jerry used the old mower while I used the new one. We got the lawn mowed in about 3 hours. We have a large lawn.

Since then all I have been doing is getting caught up in the work around the house.

Here is picture of the old TV that Jerry thought was to small.


Here is a picture of new one that was installed while I was away. The old one will be going to Florida to be used in the mobile down there.


While I was away Jerry did a lot of small jobs around the house that needed to be finished. He put the railing on the deck that is about 20 years old.

He also put in a door that he made to go into the attic. We had a piece of plastic hanging over the opening for years. He has to put a closure on it yet, so it will shut better.


On the front porch he is changing the steps. Then he will add a different kind of railing on that. We have to order the spindles for it yet.

Friday night we went out to dinner with some of our friends. Terry , Jackie, Gary, Tucky, Mike & Laurie went to Lombardo's to have dinner. It is a pizza place but they have fresh fish fry on Friday nights.

Saturday, I had to get a few more flowers for my pots that I put around the yard. I also got some flowers to put on my parents graves. Plus, I put some flowers on both sets of my grandparents plus my oldest sister Bonnie, that died when she was only 32 years old.

Sunday, we went to a party at Gary and Arlene’s house. Bob, Bruce, John and Bvy were there. Sally and Barry from the mobile home park also came over with his brother Duane and wife Sheila. We had a beautiful day for it. Here are some pictures that I took.

IMG_1146 Bruce & Sally

IMG_1148 Lynn (Arlene & Gary’s daughter), Barry & Gary

IMG_1150 Bvy & Jerry

Today, Memorial Day was to be another nice day so we went for a ride. We went down into the Catskills. I wanted to see if I could find a place that my other sister Bobbie had worked at between her junior and senior year. It was about 55 years ago. It was a summer resort called Sugar Maples in a small town called Maplecrest that the rich people can up from New York City to vacation there. I remember my parents and my younger sister Lois and I would go down there to see her on Sundays. It was a very nice place then. It had a beautiful pool with tennis courts. It even had its own fire dept. We went down there about 10 years ago but everything was grown up with brush so we didn’t see to much. Now, there is an artist group trying to revive the place. They did over a couple of the buildings but some of the bigger building that was the dinning hall and hotel entrance are pretty run down. When Bobbie worked there she stayed in a small room on top floor.

IMG_1161 Old dinning hall

IMG_1156 Hotel Entrance

IMG_1160 Bobbie stayed in attic

IMG_1165 Out in back of these buildings was where in pool and tennis courts were.

After that we went west  to Margaretville. Jerry will be playing golf there in a couple of weeks and he wanted to check it out. We then drove to Delhi and got on route 10 north the rest of the way home.

Well, I hope everybody had a nice day to honor the veterans and enjoyed your holiday.

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