Monday, July 19, 2010


Well, this Saturday was Jerry’s family reunion. Brenda & Dulce came home on Thursday. They got in late Thursday night. Friday, Brenda, Dulce and I went grocery shopping in afternoon. In the evening we went to Saltsman’s Hotel for dinner.

Brenda, Tracy and Pam all worked there when they were teenagers. Pam and Tracy did mostly busing and dishwashing. Brenda worked there the longest. She did mostly waitressing. The place is only open during the summer. Years ago it was open as a hotel with rooms upstairs. It does quite a good business during Saratoga Racing season. They have a guest ledger with Franklin Roosevelt's signature in it because he was supposed to have stayed there.


Jerry, getting us some drinks before dinner.


Jerry and Dulce


Dulce and Flo


Brenda and Dulce

Tracy came home after she worked all day. She got in about 7:00. After she got home we all sat out on deck with the fire going in our fireplace.



Saturday was the Family reunion at Jerry’s nephew Billy home. It was also Billy and Joan 25th anniversary.


Billy & Joan


Jerry with his youngest brother Gary. Brenda in background.


Arlene (sister), Bruce (brother), Laura (Sid’s wife), Flo (Jerry’s wife) and Bvy (sister) in front row. In back is Gary (brother), Gary (Arlene’s husband), Jerry, Robert (brother) and John (Bevy's husband). Sid was Jerry’s oldest brother who died a few years ago. Jerry’s brother Mac and sister Elaine came later in the day. Jerry also has another sister Joan who lives in Florida who couldn’t  come.


Picture of some of the nieces and nephews. Tracy is in front row in orange with Jeff in back of her. Brenda is on right.


Jeff with his wife Donna.


Brenda and Dulca.


Tracy talking to her cousin Scott.

Sunday we stayed home. Brenda and Dulce went to visit a friend and Tracy left for Rochester.

Brenda and Dulce left this morning to return to Virginia.

It was good to have some of the kids home for awhile. It was a good weekend.

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