Monday, July 26, 2010

Saratoga Race Track

Well, yesterday, we went to the track. We go over with Terry and Jackie. They pick us up about 7:30. We have breakfast at the Horse shoe Grill. They have a nice breakfast. All the young crowd go there after the races to party. They usually have a band under a tent in their yard every night of the races in August. The races used to be only in August but they keep extending the meet so now it is open from July 23rd to Labor Day.

We have a reserved table in the festival tent. We reserve it for every Sunday of the meet also this Friday. The guys go over on Friday because it it a later meet. The only one that starts at about 3:00 the rest start about 1:00.

Here are some pictures that I took while we was there.

Imported Photos 00035

This is taken in the picnic area. People come early to grab a picnic table to use for the day. All they do is put something on the table so other people know that it is taken. By race time there are a lot of people in this area.

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This is the tent where we stay. It will be filled up by race time. We get there early to take our things in and by 10:00 everybody  has to go out and stand in line to pay at 10:30 when the gates will open.

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This is the Big Red Springs that Saratoga is noted for. It has sulfur water in it. A lot of people believe that when they drink it will will heal them.

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This picture is of the back side of the grand stand.

Imported Photos 00045

This is the grand stand from the fourth turn.

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These ladies were in contest for the best hats. It was hat day at the track. They have contest every year.

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Taking horses out to the mounting ring.

Imported Photos 00051

Imported Photos 00052

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This horse number 10 is the one I bet on and won. Saratoga is a very pretty place. I won’t be going next Sunday because I am going down to Brenda's to babysit Dulce for the week. Her babysitter is going on vacation. Jerry will go with Terry and Jackie. The next time I go I will take more pictures of the track.

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