Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saratoga County Fair

Wednesday, we went to the Saratoga County Fair with Jerry’s sister Arlene and her husband Gary. It’s been hot all week and it was hot a the fair. In the morning Jerry and I put a coat of stain on the deck. We still has to do a second coat.

We had a nice time at the fair. It was a lot bigger than the fair we went to at Madison County. They had a little of everything. we were there the whole afternoon. When we were watching the Racing Pigs it started to rain. We watched two sets of races of regular pigs. They raced around pretty quickly. The last set was the pot bellied pigs. They were fun to watch. One pig did make it around the track but the other three didn't move to fast. The rain stopped after the races was over. Luckily, it was a light rain.

I opened up my garage sale again today. I did a little business. I plan to leave the stuff in garage to have another sale in a couple of weeks. I have a lot going on the next few weeks.

Tomorrow we are going to the Saratoga Races. That’s thoroughbred horse racing. We go every Sunday in August with our friends Terry and Jackie. We rent a table in the festival tent. That way if it rains we don’t get wet. It is about the cheapest place to be at the races where you have your own table. We take a cooler with drinks and some snacks to enjoy. Saratoga is a family friendly place to go. Hope we come home winners.

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