Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Boy, has it been hot lately. This past week it has gotten up into the 100 degrees a couple of days.

I had my garage sale again this week. Friday I did pretty good. I got rid of a lot of things that I won’t have to cart back to the basement. In the afternoon Jerry and I went golfing with Terry and Jackie at the country club. It was so hot that I didn’t do very good. I’m blaming it on the heat anyway. Everyone else did pretty good.

Sunday, I shut down the sale early to go to Home Depot. Jerry had to get a few things. On the way we stopped to see how Jeff and Donna was doing on their house they are building. Jeff was inside putting mud on the sheetrock. Donna was mowing lawn. I took some pictures of the view from their garage looking south.

Imported Photos 00028

Imported Photos 00029 Imported Photos 00030

These pictures was looking back up toward the house.

Imported Photos 00031

Imported Photos 00032

Imported Photos 00033

Imported Photos 00034

They did a lot of work on the lawn. It all was corn fields when they bought the property. Where the tree is in front of house was a ditch with a lot of brush that Jeff cleaned up and filled in. The pile of dirt to left of picture has to be leveled off yet.

Here are a few pictures of my flowers around yard.

Imported Photos 00023 

Imported Photos 00024

Imported Photos 00025

Imported Photos 00026

Imported Photos 00027

Well, today is Tuesday and it is raining. We need the rain since we had so much hot weather everything is drying up.

Today, I have an appointment to get my eyes examined. I need new glasses even if my eyes haven’t changed. When we were in Florida my glass stem broke and I had a new one put on only it was temporary and I have a scratch on one of the lens.

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