Monday, February 1, 2010

The rest of the story

Well, I haven’t been doing to much since Jerry left. Now, would be the time to talk about the rest of the family.

Our oldest son JJ, Eric the youngest and Pam the youngest daughter all live in Colorado. Right now they are all single.

Pam and her ex with 2 daughters Arica and Amber moved out there about 16 years ago. Then Eric moved up from Texas after he was in service. He has son Mason who lives in Texas with his mother and Dolan who lives with him. Dolan’s mother died when he was young. JJ moved out from New York to start new life because there wasn’t many jobs here.

I flew out to Colorado last year for a week to visit them. Jerry didn’t go because he said he had to work. Over the years we have been out there many times.

Here are pictures of them taken when I was out there last summer.


Pam, Amber and Arica


Eric with his dog. Dolan wasn’t there when I was there because he was in South Dakota with his other grandparents.


This is Eric’s son Mason who lives in Texas. He graduates from high school in May and then going into the Air Force.


This our oldest son JJ. We stopped at this restaurant after going up on Mt Evans.

Our daughter Tracy is also single. She lives in Rochester, NY. She came down and visited us last year while we were in Florida. This picture was taken with Jerry at Homosassa State Park.


Brenda came down last year also. She took Dulce to Walt Disney world. Here is Dulce with one of the princesses. I can’t remember which one. Brenda is standing by. I had picture of her in earlier post.


The only one left is son Jeff that is living with us in New York while in process of building his house with his wife Donna. I don’t have any pictures on my computer of Jeff and Donna. I have many home though. I will add one when I get back to NY.

Well, that brings you up to date with our family.


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