Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dinner with friends

Last Friday, the 19th, we went to the Oakwood Grill in Lady Lake, which is south of The Villages, with our friends. Terry, his sister Kathy and her husband Paul. It Oakwood Grill has some good barbeque. They have baby back ribs, plus pulled pork which is outstanding.

We have been going golfing a couple of times a week with Terry.

Sunday we went for a ride to the west coast again. We went as far as we could go. We ended up in Sawanna. It is a fishing and boating community. It is about 24 miles off of route 19. It is pretty isolated back there with not much else between route 19 and the town besides swampy land and trees.

Monday it rained so we went shopping. Jerry is looking for a light windbreaker. He hasn’t been able to find any, yet. We stopped at Dick’s Sporting Goods so Jerry could look for a pinching wedge. Well, they had some good sales there so he ended up buying a new golf set.

Tuesday, we went golfing again so Jerry could try out his new set.

Jerry’s sister Bev invited us down for dinner Tuesday night. She made a nice roast beef dinner with cherry and apple pies for dessert.

Wednesday, I did some cleaning while Jerry & Terry with up to the OBS for some horse racing. It looks like it is starting to rain. Right now I am at the clubhouse to post this blog so I have to be getting back to condo before it rains.  

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