Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Super Bowl

I haven’ been doing to much this week. I have been doing a little cleaning of the condo, plus a little shopping.

Well, while Jerry is up north watching the super bowl with his friends. I watched it with his sisters and brothers. His sister Bev and husband John invited me over for the super bowl. Jerry’s brother Bruce and sister Arlene with her husband Gary were also there. We had a nice meal that everybody brought a dish while Bev made pulled pork. We watched the game and we left after the meal.

Jerry’s brother Bobs daughter Debbie with her husband Tim was down to go to Daytona races. Her sister Sharie came over from Tenn to see the races with them.

Tuesday Bev had the family over again for a get together to see Debbie,Tim and Sharie. We all had a nice visit.

Jerry is on his way down with buddy Terry. They got as far as Maryland last night. They ran into the snowstorm on the lower part of Penn.

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