Friday, February 5, 2010

The Villages

Monday & Tuesday, it rained most of the day. I didn’t do to much either day. Tuesday, I did go to the Library in Ocala to go on line. It is a nice big modern library.

Wednesday, Jan 3rd, I went for my walk in morning and after lunch I went down to The Villages. The Villages is a (55+) retirement village that is so big that it is a village of its own. They have their own hospital, fire dept, schools ( which is for the children of the workers).  There are just about any kind of restaurants in the area. There are two town centers where they have some kind of entertainment every night. Everybody seems to own a golf cart. They have golf cart trails all over. Everybody drives them to the town centers. They have tunnels under the main roads so if you want to go over a main route you don’t have to disturbed the car traffic. They have quite a few different golf courses there.


This is a golf cart bridge over route 441.


This is Main Street going to Spanish Springs Landing. (town center).


This is were they have the entertainments. After dark this will be loaded with people.


In the center.


Church in the square.


Movie theater.


This is the other town center called Sumpter Landing.

IMG_0406 This is looking toward one of the hotels at Sumpter Landing.


The town center at Sumpter Landing.

I went into most of the shops at both town centers. They have quite a few upscale shops, like Chico's, Paddington's, Van Heusen, Bass and more.

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