Monday, February 1, 2010


Sunday, Jan 31th I didn’t have much to do so I went to the RV show in Florida Horse Park which is southeast of Ocala.

I wandered around there for a couple of hours looking at the RV’s. Big and small.

I know that Jerry wouldn’t have looked at them with me. He has no interest in any RV. He says that they are to expensive and to much trouble. We do quite a bit of traveling but it is always with the car and staying in motels. His idea of camping is taking the truck that has a cap on it and camping in that. We have done that and we have had fun. We put the clothes in suitcases and camping equipment, like small grill plus what else we need in the front of cap and have air mattress in the rest of space. I made some curtains to cover the windows that can be taken down when we drive.

Two years ago we went to Denver and visited the kids in Colorado. While there we stayed with the kids but when we left we headed west. We camped at Arches National Park and spent two days there. Had a wonderful time going on all the trails.scan0031

From there we went on up through Utah, Organ, Washington to Vancouver, Canada. We went on cruise up to Alaska and then flying back to Vancouver.  While driving to Vancouver we camped in a couple of state parks, including Mount Washington. We went on cruise with 4 other couples from back home. They fly from Albany to Vancouver. After we flew back to Vancouver we drove back home.

So, that is our type of  “RVing” we do.

If you notice I have quite a few RV blogs that I follow. I guess you would call me a wannabe RVer. I enjoy hearing about all the places that people go.

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