Thursday, June 10, 2010

Everyday Things

Not much has been going on this week.

Didn’t do much on Saturday. At night we went over to Bvy & John’s place. John wasn’t there because he had to work. Arlene and Gary was there. We had a nice visit.

Sunday, Jeff said he didn’t need Jerry’s help at the house so we decided to take a ride up to Lois’. It had turned a lot cooler plus it rained most of the day.  Jerry helped her turn her water and furnace on in her camper. She isn’t staying there yet because it hasn’t been nice enough. So, she is all set to go camping anytime she wants to. She has a small apartment in town but during the summer she likes to spent the time in the camper that is set up permanently at a campsite. It is at a nice spot.

Monday, I stayed home and did work around house. I also finished the last part of the lawn mowing.

Tuesday, I went over to my friend Nancy’s house in the morning. We had a nice visit. After I left her home I went on down into town and did some grocery shopping. In the afternoon I weeded my flower garden. I have still quite a bit more to do.

Wednesday, I didn’t do anything interesting. It has been just to chiller to do anything outside.

Today, I have been reading most of the day. Mostly, on line reading blogs.

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