Saturday, June 5, 2010

Golfing up North

Well, not much going on this week. I was supposed to go get a mammogram and bone density test Tuesday but they called to reschedule them for Friday.

Wednesday, I had some blood work done. While I was in town I walked on the bike path for an hour. I don’t like walking where we live because there is no shoulder on road and the cars fly by to fast. After I got home I did some mowing. I mowed for about 3 hours. When Jerry got home from working on Jeff’s house in the evening he worked on deck for awhile. Then he decided that he wanted to get an ice cream cone at Grandma’s.  Grandma’s has the best ice cream around. I only had a baby cone but it is huge.  Well, there go my walk results.

Thursday, I did a little more mowing before I went to get my hair done. I needed a permanent. When I got home I did a little more mowing.

Friday, I started mowing about 10:00 and mowed until noon. Jerry came home so he decided to go with me when I went for my tests. Then we went golfing. We got a cart because it was the first time that we played at this course. We did alright but nothing great. After we got done with golf we went to Romano’s  Pizza for dinner. Jerry got a BBQ trio. Ribs, chicken and shrimp. He said it was good. I had the haddock special. It had a feta cheese and crumble topping on it. It was not my usual fish fry that I like. I probably won’t have it again.

When we got home after Jerry unloaded the golf bags in garage he decided to back the truck up to the deck and do some more work on it. Well, he miss guessed the distance and backed into a tree. He had the tail gate down on the truck and hit the tree with the tailgate and made a nice dent.  So now that has to be fixed.

Last night it rained in the night so the grass is to wet yet to mow. I’ll probably go out later and finish mowing. So far I have about 5 hours on mower this week.

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