Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weeding the Garden

Sunday, I started bringing things up from the basement to put in garage for my garage sale. In the afternoon Jerry said we needed a break so we went for a ride. We stopped at Grandma’s for ice-cream but the place was so busy so we went to town and stopped at Udderly Delicious for ice cream. (That’s a little play with the words. Ice cream is made from milk from cows and cows have udders.) The ice cream there is almost as good as Grandma’s. We then went up and around the Great Sacandaga Lake. I tried to take a few pictures while riding.




Today, I’ve been working in my flower gardens. I’ve been weeding them whenever I get the chance. I did some last week and finished today. I like to weed early in the day when it isn’t to hot out yet.




This past week I have been setting up my garage sale also. I cleaned out the basement a couple of weeks ago. I put aside anything that I didn’t want anymore to go into the sale. I have a lot of junk. I just hope I can get rid of it all. I don’t want any of it to go back into to basement.

Its been nice out all weekend. Monday was nice also. It started out nice and sunny this morning but late this afternoon it started to rain and tonight it is pouring out.

Tonight, for some reason I can’t get online. I think it is because of the rain. I do my blogs offline first then upload them. I probably won’t get this posted until tomorrow.

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