Monday, August 2, 2010

Going to Virginia

Friday, Jerry went to the track at Saratoga with his buddies. I don’t think any of them did very well. I went shopping. I did very well. They had a few sales in Penney's that I took advantage of. I got a few capries and tops. I also found a couple pairs of shorts for Jerry.

Saturday we went to hog roast with Terry and Jackie. It was put on by a farming couple that we know, John and Sue. They have one every year. They furnish everything, we only have to bring a dish or dessert. The weather was ideal. Not to hot or cold. Just comfortable enough to enjoy yourself. There must have been about 400 people there.

Sunday, Jerry was going to the track with Terry & Jackie. I didn’t go because I left for Virginia to babysit Dulce. Her babysitter is on vacation all week. The trip took about 11 hours because Pennsylvania had a lot of construction. Dulce goes to summer school until noon. We planned on going swimming but it looks like it will rain. It had sprinkled out a little while ago and has clouded up. So I guess it will be Sponge Bob Squire Pants unless I decide to go to Wal-Mart's for a few things.

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