Sunday, August 29, 2010


Well, Friday I came home. Terry’s sister Kathy and husband Paul are up from Florida, so we all went to Lombardo’s for dinner. Jerry, Jackie and I had the fish fry. Paul, Kathy and Terry all had some pizza. We won’t see Paul and Kathy again until we go back to Florida.

Saturday we just took it easy working around house. Jerry has been staining the barn and I did some mowing. After Jerry got done on barn he helped me finish up the mowing. He gets the old mower.

Today we went to Saratoga races with Terry and Jackie. Jerry had a big winner in the first race but didn’t have anything after that. I didn’t have anything all day. Terry and Jackie didn’t do much better. Rachel Alexandra was supposed to be the big winner in the 10th race, but she came in second. We leave after about the 8th race. We don’t usually bet on a horse that is hyped up that much so we didn’t miss much. Her odds were very low. Everyone said that she was a sure winner. Well, there is only one more week of racing so next Sunday will be the last for us until next year.

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