Saturday, September 18, 2010

Garage Sale Again

Well, we didn’t do to much this week. Jerry worked on farm house all week.

All I did was get ready for my garage sale this weekend. This is it. What doesn’t sell go to Sally Ann’s or thrown out. Some of the stuff I will put on Freecycle to see who might want it.

Yesterday, Friday I did pretty good. This morning has been pretty slow. I have had a couple of Amish stop. They all bought something. This morning an Amish older gentleman bought a pair of my hiking boots that I don’t use anymore. There was quite a bit of wear left in them. He said that his grandson will fit into them.

I don’t have high prices on things. I would rather sell something for a few coins than end up throwing it away.

Tonight we are going to go out to eat with Terry and Jackie. We will be going to Lambardo. If we go there on Friday I usually get the fish fry but tonight I’ll try something else. Last night Jerry and I went to the Winner’s Circle so I had my fish last night. The Winner’s Circle has the best broiled fish around. I don’t know what they put on it but it is always good.

 Well, wish me luck on the garage sale because everybody is probably sick of hearing about it. This is my last one!!!

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