Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day

I hope everybody had a great Labor Day. We had a great day. Jerry worked at his niece Donnas' place. She lives in Colorado but she bought the old farm that her family lived on when she was young. She wants to do it over into a place where she can come to when she is out this way. Her brothers Tony and Peter are working with Jerry to get it done. Tony has the out side work to do, plus cleaning up the barn. He is clearing the brush from around house so Jerry and Peter can do some foundation work. There are some other nephews and friends working on the cleanup. They will be gutting the house of all plaster and tearing out walls that she wants done. She plans to add decks and a gazebo off the decks where they come together. It is a major redo. It will take awhile to do all of this work. Jerry will work as long as we are up north. When we go to Florida, Peter and Tony will continue to do what ever they can this winter.

Yesterday, Wednesday, it started out nice. I went for walk in the morning but then it turned out rainy and cold. It didn’t rain hard but enough to make it miserable. Last night we went to dinner over to Bvy & Johns’ house. Arlene and Gary came over later for dessert.

Today, it is rainy, dark and cold. I can’t do anything outside so I’m working on my computer. Reading blogs and looking up stuff.

Well, I hope it clears up tomorrow, because we are supposed to go golfing with Russ, Lynn, Terry and Jackie. Then we plan on going to Vernon Downs to the races and have dinner there.

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