Saturday, September 11, 2010

Never Forget 9-11

Well, when you think back to that terrible day I am sure everybody remembers what they were doing when you first heard about it. We had just come back from a trip to Michigan. We went to a wedding of the son of our friends Bob and Kathy. It was in Saugatuck which is on Lake Michigan. Saugatuck is a small artsy town very upscale. The parents of the bride had a home right on the Lake. There was a long stairway down to the beach where they had a big tent set up for the wedding. The caterers had to carry everything up and down the stairs. It was a very lovely wedding. You would think that a beach wedding would be informal but this one wasn’t. Did you ever try to dance in heels in the sand? Everyone had a good time though. We drove out and back but some of our friends flew out. We got back Monday and everything was back to normal. Well, Tuesday, my mother called all hysterical trying to tell me something about the market falling. (I though she meant the stock market). Then she said to turn the TV on. Then all was history. The bride and groom flew to Grease for honeymoon and had a hard time coming home.

It was a great weekend but the days following we didn’t know if we would be traveling anywhere's for awhile.

We were all thankful that it happened after we were home and not before.

Well, back to this Friday, we went golfing with Russ, Lynn, Terry and Jackie. The golf coarse was up in Ilion behind Russ and Lynn's house. Everybody did pretty good except me. I think I get worse the more I play.

After the golfing we went to Vernon Downs to the buffet that they have there. It was very good. We stayed for about 5 races and then came home. 

Today, Jerry went to work on the farm (Donnas' place). I mowed the lawn all afternoon. Hope to finish it tomorrow.

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